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How To Achieve Personal Prosperity Is It Just About Money And Happiness

While happiness and money are certainly top of the list, let’s not forget about the other elements that make a life truly successful.

Many of the things we’ve been told about success and how to get it are incorrect. Even though their search has resulted in multi-billion-dollar industries, such as books, courses, videos, and programs, for many, the path to success remains mysteriously elusive.

Many people are too foolish to think that prosperity is about having more money. To live a successful life, you must have the three essential elements of prosperity: money, happiness, sustainability.

What is the definition of prosperity?

First, let’s not forget the money

Money is the only income that can support our goals. For prosperity, it is essential to make enough money. How much money is sufficient? While individual answers may vary, it is important to consider what “sufficient” means for us to achieve our financial goals in a manner that upholds and honors our deepest values.

This will stop us from becoming distracted by money or separating ourselves from the same principles and values. While we may be able to redraw our boundaries from time-to-time, it is important to remember that the line is not fixed and can change at any time. Is there enough money to compensate for losing our integrity in order to gain financial advantages?

There is happiness only when you do this.

The question “How much money do you need?” is answered. Then comes the question, “Am I content?” These are the aspects of happiness you should consider:

Mood is a positive attitude about yourself and the world.

Authenticity – Living a life that is true to our beliefs, values, and principles. We know that our income aligns with our passions, purposes, and interests.

Commitment: Adherence to the things we value most such as family and relationships.

Wellness and health: Ensure your body, mind and spirit are in good health.

Finally, sustainability.

This is the most important component of prosperity. These four questions will help us reflect on the sustainability of our future or current prosperity.

Can I feel good about her? People can get anxious when they see the money they earn from doing things outside their comfort zones. To align your earnings with the things that truly motivate you and give your life meaning, you may need to endure some discomfort. It can be a good fit for some people, but it might take time to adjust. If you love what you do, it will make you more focused on detail, more dedicated to excellence, and ultimately more productive. You can avoid being defeated by setbacks and failures by working from your essence.

Can I continue to do the work for the long-term? Do you have enough passion to continue working for many years or decades? Doing something that causes you to burn out or harm your health is not a good way to go. Any prosperity you achieve using these methods will eventually disappear. You will never be able to do your job well if you are afraid to get up each morning. You will be outperformed by someone who is passionate about the job.

Does the prosperity I see ethical, benefiting others, and respecting the environment? Financial gain is not the only measure of success. Is your moral compass pointing north? Are your motives pure? Are you maximizing your own benefit at the expense or others? Sustainable wealth is only wealth that can meet the current needs without compromising future generations’ ability to do so.

Is it of lasting value? There is no place for quick schemes or unexpected opportunities to get rich. Sustainable prosperity does not allow for these kinds of schemes. Sustainable prosperity is built on the law of the harvest. The old saying goes, “You reap what you sow.” Consider the seeds that you are planting. Are you satisfied with the harvest? Are your crops going to help the people where you live and work?

Asking questions is the first step to a prosperous future.

Preparation is key to a successful journey. It is important to be honest about our current beliefs and practices. These are some questions to consider:

  • What is your lifestyle like?
  • What amount of money is necessary to live the life I want?
  • What can I do for my most important relationships?
  • How important is physical well-being?
  • How much exercise should I do each week?
  • What can I do for myself to be better?
  • What can I do for my self-confidence and image?
  • How can I see my spiritual connection with prosperity?
  • What makes me happy? What makes me happy?
  • What do you value in an environmentally sustainable lifestyle?
  • Is money the key to happiness?

We all believe that happiness is directly related to income. It is a common belief that the more money you have, the happier and better off we will feel. Although it is easy to believe this, experience has shown that it is not always true.

We can conclude that money does not make us happier. However, it will free us from worrying about how we will be able to meet our basic needs such as shelter and food. If a person feels unhappy because they are poor and don’t have the necessities like food, shelter, transport, or medical care, money will certainly contribute to their happiness. Money is the best thing for happiness if it is tied to basic human needs.

More than money

The determination to improve your situation is the key to prosperity. Most people believe that money is the key to success. Money and determination are good companions. If our goals align with our values, it is acceptable and even respectable to pursue money. Each person must decide what a life of success looks like. A definition of prosperity is more accurate if we have a clear understanding of our goals, circumstances, and desires.


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