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Hello, I’m Carol and this is my gorgeous twin sister Cheryl. That’s me on the right. We do everything together and always have done.

This year, we decided to create this blog. I have to say, that we are a bit nerdy, and often get our hands dirty tinkering about with tec stuff and work in the garden as well as having an interest in business too.

We are quite young in our 20’s but we think that we have gained a lot of experience in life for our age. Things haven’t always been easy for us. We grew up in a town in Kansas where we still live. Our dad had a real bad accident a few years ago and was off work for over a year. We had to struggle to make ends meet, but we did it. We got through a really tough time in our lives as a family and have grown in character as a result.

We even set up a small business to help raise money with mom. We did odd jobs for neighbors including cleaning, gardening and even some DIY work. We’re both quite handy you see.

Anyway, the hard times are now over, and we have both decided to create this blog.

This blog is all about things that we have discovered and have gained a bit of knowledge on. We aim to cover a broad range of topics and it could be about anything, so watch out!

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I publish more great content.


Hey! We are the Rogers twins. I’m on the right (Carol) and Cheryl is on the left.

We both want to welcome you to our blog of practical guidance on stuff and some of the discoveries we have made.

We both love to write and hope to pop up in Google during your searches from time to time. In the meantime, check out some of our posts

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