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5 Tricks to Endure an MRI

There is an estimated 9 percent of people with claustrophobia or fear of closed places, according to a study in the journal Psychological Medicine. But even those people who do not suffer from this phobia can feel claustrophobic during the test. Just thinking about getting into the tunnel of an MRI when it is prescribed for you is often enough reason to panic.

One of the reasons for choosing the open-resonance.com machine has been precisely that it is less claustrophobic than others, even open ones.

The 5 tricks below will make your MRI scanning 100% stress free MRI and the experience will be completely different and relaxed.

  1. Look for an open resonance

An open MRI machine has more space, a shorter tube, and all four sides are open. In a fully open machine, you won’t even have to lie down on a table, you’ll sit in an armchair.

  1. Ask and find a photo of the machine, or visit the center before

A good idea is to have an MRI exam done beforehand to avoid further anxiety.

Ask the technician to explain the test, the position, the noise, the intercom, the duration…

Most times the resonance studies last 15 or 20 minutes, even less than a CT sometimes, it is still less than what you could imagine.

You may be more comfortable if you can see the machine right before the scan. Ask to be shown if possible.

  1. Breathe, meditate or pray

Deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and prayer can help with relaxation. Everything except move, so that the image turns out well.

  1. Lie down and support your head with a pillow and cover yourself with a blanket

We usually leave a pillow between the head and the backrest and a blanket. It will always provide us with comfort. The resonance rooms, for technical reasons, are rather fresh.

  1. Request that you be allowed to enter with a companion

In certain cases, such as resonance imaging of children, it may be convenient to let a companion enter the room. The test is completely harmless and there is no radiation. The usual precautions seen in the consent must be taken regarding carrying iron materials, and chairs with metal parts cannot be introduced.

Enjoying the Resonance

You are not going to enjoy it but try to suffer it less. Keep in mind that the test is complete without radiation and a non-invasive way to see images of your interior, which will allow a quick and accurate diagnosis. You will be surprised at what you can see.


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