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Welcome to Empresistes. My name is Carol and Cheryl on the left is my twin. She's the cool one but I have the brains. Together though, we are a fabulous team.

So, this blog is about anything and pretty much everything - topic that is. We just can't help ourselves. You see, life is great, and it inspires us, so we write about it

Life has been real tough for us as a family in recent years, but we are made of strong stuff and maybe we can write about things we have learned and discovered, so please, check it out!

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11 Little-Known Traits Of Successful People
These are the health characteristics that everyone talks about. More than 148,000,000 articles are available online on the habits of successful people. Many articles focus on the psychological aspects and ...
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22 Must-Have Apps For Business Trips
We often have many things to do on a business trip. Therefore, we recommend several apps that will help you plan your route and keep track of your tasks. Google ...
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How To Feed Your Brain To Fight Stress
Proper nutrition can help you achieve success and happiness. Stress and our bodies are in close contact. Muscle tension is one example of a reflex response to stress. This is ...
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13 Ways To Increase Focus, Motivation And Dynamism
There are many ways to improve your work, from choosing music to power-naps. While most of us know how to keep calm and focused in stressful situations, there are 13 ...
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8 Foods You Should Eat For Breakfast To Have A Healthy Mind And A Longer Life
We have 10 healthy breakfast options to help you get started in the morning that will help give you a clear mind and in the long run, help you live ...
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The 12 Best Uncrowded Beaches In The World
These 12 beaches range from a paradise-like nudist beach in Mexico to a secret cove in Greece. They could attract tourists from the area, but they wouldn't if it were ...
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