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Three Hobbies to Refresh Your Hectic Mind

Our modern lifestyle has come at a cost. Prof. Colin Ellard, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Waterloo in Canada, studied the correlation between urban life and depression, and his finding revealed the grim consequence of living surrounded by tall buildings and crowded places. Cited from the Guardian, Prof. Ellard conducted a test where his subjects were asked to experience a simulated version of urban environments, and the subjects confirmed how it impacted their mood negatively. If you feel alone and depressed, you have got the science to back you up! It is not a myth after all. And what is the solution?

Here, we will learn several hobbies that can recover your soul from the mundane life you have in the city.


holding a fishing rodIf you think fishing is a boring hobby, then you are probably not well-informed. There are many kinds of fishing and some of which can even thrill you up. Based on the types of water, there are freshwater and saltwater fishing. Generally speaking, the second type requires more tools and preparation than the first. However, it does not mean that fishing in a lake is easy.

First, you should pick your means to access the fishing spots. Motorboats cause commotions that may scare the fish away. Besides, most of the time, you do not need that much of propelling power and fuel. Your perfect option will be to have a kayak. However, not all kayaks are made for fishing, as some will lose balance quickly if you try to stand on them. Therefore, you have to choose a kayak that is designed specifically for fishing. For instance, you can try to check Freedom Hawk Kayaks. The company promises well-balanced kayaks that can move silently on water.

Second, if you want to get social, you should consider joining a fishing club. You can learn new knowledge, get new friends, and even build professional networks there.

Wilderness Survival Activities

Hiking sounds too cliche. Instead, you have to try to survive in the wild with minimum equipment. If you have not got the picture, you can watch the Discovery Channel for programs like Dual Survival, Alone, Ultimate Survival Alaska, Man vs. Wild, and Live Free or Die. Nevertheless, you shall not go straight to the woods and try to camp there without any professional training.

In the US, you can try to sign up for BOSS 28-Day Field Survival Course or the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. In the UK, you can have Woodsmoke Woodlander Bushcraft Course, Backwoods Survival School’s Beachcomber Course, and The Bushcraft Woodlore First Aid Course from Ray Mears. And if you want to learn how to be a survival expert on freezing environments, you should try Sigma 3 Arctic Isolation.

Amateur Astronomy

Do you often feel amazed by celestial objects, yet you have never got the chance to learn formal astronomy? If you do, you should try to pursue that hobby now! And you have to know that even NASA acknowledge amateur astronomy, as long as your observation data are gathered by using the suggested equipment. Other organizations such as Planets/Moon (Planetary observing organizations) ALPO, Comets (Comet Observing and Discovering), Variable Stars (AAVSO) AAVSO, Meteor Showers Observing, The Astronomical League, International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) IOTA, Light Pollution International Dark Sky Association IDA, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, The International Astronomical Union, American Astronomical Society will also need your contribution.…

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