Four Essential Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

a teenage girl

Before you think about which fashion style fits you, you must know that your comfort should come first. You have to be aware of the fact that some clothing materials can cause allergic reactions to some people. Moreover, as a teenage girl, your body undergoes a maturing process. And it may not be a convenient experience at all! Heavy sweating, acne, body odor, and menstrual periods are some examples of physical changes that you may have. And you cannot appear cool and pretty unless your outfits can accommodate your inconvenience.

A Simple Shirt and Denims

shirt and denimsSimplicity is one key to appear pretty, and teenage life is the time when you are expected to be physically active. Hence, a shirt and denims can be the perfect outfit for you. They allow you to move freely, and the shirt’s material is often perspiration-proof.

Now, what you must be careful about is your choice of colors. Grey or black jeans look good with shirts of any color. However, dark colored shirts are appropriate only if they are matched with grey/black denims. Therefore, you should have at least two pairs of grey/black denims since they can save you in many casual encounters.

Embracing Feminity with a Dress and Nice Shoes

a woman in a dressFeminity does not always mean vulnerable appearance. For instance, you can appear sharp and mature by wearing a dress, smokey eyes makeup, and highlights on the lips. However, you must know where to draw the line between a glamorous look and overdoing it. You do not want to look way older than your real age. This style can be most useful when you attend a formal event.

Furthermore, you should add heels to your shoe collection because a dress does not match with sneakers. Or, you can add some pairs of ballet flats, brogues, and ankle boots as the alternative.

Knowing Your Fit Size

measuring tapeWearing outfits of the fit size is essential to look pretty. Even if your size is above average, it does not mean that you should choose baggy clothes over the fit ones. Do yourself a favor, and respect your body! If you can’t find your size in the conventional stores, you should custom-make your outfits, especially the ones that are intended for formal events.

Flaunting Your Unique Character

Teenage life is all about character expression, yet too much of it in fashion can make you appear eccentric. Unless you are prepared to be criticized, then you are better to wear outfits that are still inspired by a popular reference but with just enough of your personal touch. For example, casual style is heavily influenced by the skater scene in the 90s. You can Google it quickly and gain inspiration, and then you can combine it with today’s trending shirts or denims.

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